Some folks on message boards and blogs are linking to this website claiming that the story of Mel's Hole is verified and true, simply because this site exists and the story was broadcast on national radio. I would like to stress that to date, no verifiable evidence has ever come to light proving the existence of the holes, or of Mel Waters himself. Numerous searches have been led by interested parties seeking to locate the Ellensburg hole, with no success. None of the details in either hole story have been verified.

Please, enjoy these broadcasts and the story they contain—they're incredibly entertaining—but take them with a healthy dose of skepticism. It's unwise to simply believe something that someone tells you, especially when they don't offer any evidence to back it up. The true path to enlightenment begins by seeking knowledge that is sound, rational and evidence-based.

To keep things fair and balanced, I recommend checking out a skeptical take on the hole story, as it is always wise to seek out another viewpoint.

Cheers, and happy listening.

Mel's Hole is the name given to an alleged geographic anomaly that is said to have been discovered near Ellensburg, Washington, on land belonging to local resident Mel Waters. Waters claimed that he lived in or near Manastash, Washington, about nine miles due west of Ellensburg. According to Waters, the hole has paranormal properties, including an infinite depth and the ability to restore dead animals to life. [Read more...]

On a sleepless night nearly a decade ago, I sat on the edge of my bed for hours listening to the most bizarre tale ever told. The story of Mel's Hole fascinated me, and to my delight, many more people across the country. So for those who are intrigued but have never heard the tale from the man himself, I present to you a collection of classic Art Bell radio broadcasts featuring Mel Waters for your downloading pleasure.

As always, if you have any additional or better quality audio, please drop me a line at info@melshole.net. I'd love to include it here.


January 29th and December 20, 2002
Source: KFI 640, Los Angeles, CA - December 25, 2002 rebroadcast

This show covers the aftermath of the events surrounding the Ellensburg, WA hole, and tells the story of a new hole in Nevada with alleged paranormal properties.

Download: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8


February 1997
January 22, 2002 rebroadcast

Art's original first interview with Mel.

Download: Full Show